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7 Commercial Design Trends Shaping Urban Landscapes

In the ever-evolving world of commercial and public landscape design, staying ahead of the curve is key to creating...

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Public Space Designs for Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials and Generation Z have a prominent place in our public spaces as they enter the workforce and start...

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Creating Outdoor Commercial Spaces That Are Beautiful in Winter & Summer

Commercial landscape design has been growing in popularity for years due to consumer demand for outdoor spaces at...

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Using Social Media and SEO to Grow as a Landscape Architect

In the eyes of your prospective customers, the quality of your content is a direct reflection of the quality of your...

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The Impact of Landscape Architecture in LEED Certification and Sustainability

When most commercial project stakeholders think about building certifications, they tend to reference LEED, and with...

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The Commercial Pavers Winter Survival Guide

Landscape Architects designing outdoor spaces for freezing climates have specific challenges to consider when they’re...

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The Commercial Building Winter Survival Guide

Designing a beautiful commercial space means creating an environment that will attract and inspire visitors no matter...

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Techo Bloc’s Solutions for Commercial Rooftop Patio Applications

Commercial architects have created some impressive rooftop patios, and when those spaces are both durable and beautiful...

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Software Tools for Commercial Hardscaping

You spend countless hours customizing the details of your client’s project. You deliver spectacular designs with...

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Design Considerations for Commercial Rooftop Decks

Access to rooftop areas has long been a luxury feature for leisurely escapes and breathtaking views. Yet today, this...

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