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7 Commercial Design Trends Shaping Urban Landscapes

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In the ever-evolving world of commercial and public landscape design, staying ahead of the curve is key to creating spaces that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. As we step into the future, there are several exciting trends on the horizon that are set to transform commercial landscapes across North America. From intricate patterns to captivating color schemes, these trends are sure to shape the way we view and experience outdoor spaces. 

1. Play on Shapes

IndustriaTriangle_CommercialPlaza (1)

Featured products: Industria Triangle HD2 Smooth in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black


One of the most striking trends to watch out for is the innovative use of shapes. Commercial spaces are no longer confined to traditional square and rectangular designs. Landscapes architects and designers are embracing the versatility of geometric pavers and slabs, allowing them to craft unique and eye-catching patterns. Take our Industria Triangle Smooth for example. This intricately laid out paver introduces visual interest and creates a striking, large-scale impact. It plays tricks on the eye, making it an excellent choice for those looking to leave a lasting impression with their commercial landscape. 

2. Artistry Unleashed

Diamond Big Shape_GreyedNickel-OnyxBlack

Featured product: Diamond Smooth paver in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black


Color has the power to transform any environment, and in commercial landscapes, it's being used to elevate aesthetics to a whole new level. Contrasting colors and not just about making things look beautiful; they create a vibrant ambiance that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Thoughtfully designed floors become expressions of art, carefully curated to enhance the overall atmosphere of commercial settings. 

3. Artful Outdoor Weaving

2023-US167_Crain Headquarters - Detroit MI - Ocean, Valet-03 (3)

Featured products: Valet paver in Onyx Black and Ocean Grande patio slab in Beige Cream and Grey Nickel


For those seeking to add both visual appeal and a tactile dimension to their commercial spaces, the trend of artful outdoor weaving is gaining ground. The project pictured above involves the use of smaller, rough-hewn valet pavers in combination with elegant Ocean Grande slabs. The rhythmic interplay of these pavers not only enhances the visual appeal but also invites touch, engaging visitors on multiple sensory levels. 

4. Fade to Fabulous


Featured product: Industria 200 Series in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black


Gradient shades within the same hue are making a mark in landscape design. Whether you prefer cooler tones of grey or the warmth of browns and reds, the use of stones in a dreamy gradient can turn your commercial space into a showstopper. This subtle transition of colors adds depth and character to the landscape. 

5. Tapestry-Inspired Patterns

2023-US161 ICI Industria - Unity Park - Greenville SCI__04329

Featured product: Industria Granitex in Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black, and Shale Grey

Immerse your surroundings in the elegance of woven beauty. Intricate lines and motifs seamlessly come together, creating a living tapestry beneath your feet. This trend brings an air of sophistication and artistry to commercial landscapes, making them truly unique. 

6. Checkerboard Redefined 


Featured product: Industria Smooth paver in Onyx Black, Beige Cream, and Shale Grey


Classic meets contemporary design as the iconic checkerboard pattern gets a fresh twist. The tartan design, known for its timeless appeal, now makes a bold statement in landscape design. It adds an element of classic sophistication to any commercial space. 

7. Deconstructed Color Play

2023-US155 ICI Hexa Queens Nassau Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterI__02504

Featured product: Hexa 60 patio slab in Greyed Nickel, Shale Grey, Beige Cream, Onyx Black, and Chestnut Brown


Carefully deconstructed color play is a delight for the eye. By experimenting with light and dark shades from the same color palette, designers create a subtle sense of direction and continuity in the landscape. This approach adds depth and intrigue to outdoor spaces. 

In conclusion, the world of commercial and public landscape design is evolving rapidly, and these trends are just a glimpse of what the future holds. As commercial landscape architects and designers, embracing these trends allows you to create spaces that not only meet your clients' needs but also provide a memorable and immersive experience for anyone who visits. By playing with shapes, colors, and patterns, you can shape the future of outdoor spaces and leave a lasting mark on the commercial landscape. For more inspiration, discover our FREE online Commercial Catalog today!

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