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Techo Bloc’s Solutions for Commercial Rooftop Patio Applications

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Commercial architects have created some impressive rooftop patios, and when those spaces are both durable and beautiful, they can help to inspire visitors in the short term and well into the future.  

Many times the success of a design comes down to the details; these commercial rooftop patio designs don’t skimp on sophistication, especially when it comes to creating spaces where every corner brings delight. 

Go Green on Your Commercial Rooftop Patio 

Green roofs have become a popular feature over the last decade; the trend encourages building residents to enjoy the outdoors by incorporating plants, gardens and trees that beautify the space. But not everyone wants the upkeep of a garden on their commercial roof; thankfully, there are plenty of ways to add organic elements to your design so that the outdoor experience is just as appealing.

The Para slab featured here offers designers a sleek, modern look, and punctuates the space with seating areas make it even more welcoming. By using plants to add natural elements, the designer creates a successful commercial rooftop design with just enough green to make it inviting, without adding an excess that requires extensive upkeep.  

Consider More Contrast 

Your commercial rooftop patio can be a palette for whatever paver design you have in mind. Contrasting shades of color can create movement and depth in your rooftop design.

These Para pavers add energy to the space and give the seating area more visual appeal. Using contrasting colors gives the whole space a dynamic, contemporary style, and natural elements like wood furniture and potted greenery add even more depth to the design, for a finished, elegant look. Techo-Bloc offers designers plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, so they’re able to create a rooftop patio the client will love. 

Be More Intentional With Your Visual Design 

Create a more usable space by incorporating a strategic visual design.  

Architects have found ways to make designs more interesting by using different sizes of pavers and slabs. The pavers used in the space below are featured in the same color but come in slightly different sizes.

By arranging similar pavers in different patterns, the designer helps to visually guide visitors towards the seating area — and delineates that space further with darker stones that contrast with the cream and white colors of the other design elements. 

Designing Sustainable Commercial Rooftop Patios

Give commercial building occupants and visitors a space to relax or reflect on the roof. By designing rooftop patios with amazing views and appealing design details, architects can create more usable, functional buildings.  

The light color of the pavers above features a higher Solar Reflectance Index than other paver colors, which will help to decrease the urban heat island effect common for commercial building applications. By using Techo Bloc pavers, architects can rest easy knowing those rooftop spaces will last for decades and help to contribute to the energy efficiency of the buildings they design. 

Add a Touch of Texture

Give visitors more ways to experience the space you design. By incorporating different textures throughout a space, architects can create a rooftop design that delights the senses.  

Incorporate organic details like plants and softer textures in patio furniture pieces to offer both visual and sensory stimulation for the people enjoying the space. The slightly textured pavers featured here contrast well with the other design elements, and the consistent lines of the pavers direct the eye toward the comfortable seating area. Designers can guarantee comfort by using Techo-Bloc paving systems, which use pedestals underneath the pavers and help with rooftop drainage so there are no large puddles or standing water to deal with. 

Creating More Memorable Rooftop Experiences 

Outdoor designs shouldn’t be an afterthought — many rooftops become a destination unto themselves, especially when fresh air and a little space to spread out is necessary.  

Techo-Bloc has helped commercial architects create inspiring and highly durable designs, even when building in more severe climates. We also offer a transferable lifetime warranty on our products that covers the structural integrity of our pavers, so that customers know they’re getting a product they can rely on for decades.

The pavers and other outdoor design products that Techo-Bloc manufactures are specified by professionals everywhere and are selected not just for their weather resistance, but for their elevated, dependable style.  

At Techo-Bloc, we’re inspired by the creativity and passion of commercial architects and are constantly working to give them more tools to help make their vision a reality. Check out our catalog for an extensive collection of pavers that will provide a sophisticated, long-lasting palette for whatever your project calls for. 

Let us help you with your next project — reach out to our team and a commercial representative can help you get full-size samples, answer specification questions and more. Or check out our free roof deck material calculator to start planning out your project.  

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